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Business Planning

Business Planning: From the Heart
Find out how to let passion drive your business plan.

Defining Goals for Your Small Business

Hints on defining goals for your small business. 


Do You Have the Mindset and Skills to be an Entrepreneur?
Determine if you have the mindset and skills to be a small business owner.

Entrepreneurship—An Alternative Career Choice
Is entrepreneurship right for you? If so, get advice on where to start.

How to Research a New Business Idea, Part 1: Analyzing the Market—NEW
Learn to analyze business ideas to make more effective decisions.

How to Research a New Business Idea, Part 2: Analyzing Market Appeal—NEW
Analyze the market appeal of your product or service for increased success.

How to Set up a Home-Based Business
Tips for establishing and professionalizing your home-based business.

Identify What Drives You to Run Your Own Small Business

Five motivating factors for entrepreneurs: fortune, fame, family, freedom and fun.

Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture of Your Small Business

Find out from SCORE how to plan for the worst when times are at their best. 

Let the Countdown Begin: A Six-Month Plan for Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur
A six month guide to managing start-up before quitting your day job.

Location, Location, Location—NEW
Practical tips for finding the best location for your business.

Make Mission and Vision a Part of Your Business
Learn how to incorporate mission and vision into your business planning.

Obtaining a Business License
A checklist of the papers, permits and licenses you’ll need to start a business. 

Resources That Can Give You a Head Start on Successful Business Planning
Find out what resources are out there to assist you in writing a business plan.

Scenario Planning for Your Small Business’s Future
Anticipate and prepare for major changes that significantly affect your strategy.

SCORE Helps You Test Your Small Business Plan
Give your business plan an annual check-up and learn to make key updates.

SCORE Identifies the Importance of the Executive Summary
Use your executive summary to make a good impression on investors and partners.

Starting a Home-Based Business—Is It Right for You?
Consider these key questions and make sure you’re comfortable with the answers.

Thinking Through Your Small Business Plan

Planning allows you to measure progress and discover critical dos & don’ts.

Valuing A Small Business For Sale—Many Key Factors Play A Role
Detailed information on pricing a business to sell.

Business Growth

All Systems Grow
A pre-expansion checklist and seven strategies to help you grow.

Develop Strategic Alliances
Join forces with another company and watch your business take off.

The Fast Lane
Entrepreneurial rules for fast-track business expansion.

How to Cope With Overnight Success
A 10-step survival guide to help you think fast and react quickly to rapid success.

Keys to Growing Your Business, Part 1
Increase your sales with these seven principles every business should follow.

Keys to Growing Your Business, Part 2: Profit Increasing Strategies
Five ways to increase your sales and grow your business.

Moving Beyond Your Home Office
What to do if you outgrow your office or decide home-based life isn’t for you.

Next Business Step? Success
Create a road map for business growth and success with these strategies.

Pay Dirt

Advice for wisely spending your company’s first profits.

Relocate Your Business
When to consider relocating and tips for making the move.

Stay on Top With Fresh Products
How to evaluate product lines, save declining ones, and create new ones.

When and How to Hire Additional Employees
Our expert walks you through the hiring process from start to finish.

Buying or Selling a Business

Buying a Small Business—Facts All Potential Business Buyers Need to Know
Facts for successfully locating and buying a new business.

Five Franchise Tips—NEW
Know your rights and responsibilities when buying and operating a franchise.

Franchising—Should You Buy One?—NEW
Discover the advantages of buying an established franchise. 

Franchising—Selecting the Right One—NEW
Learn five steps to assure that a franchise is congruent with your lifestyle and needs.

Franchising—Growing a Successful One—NEW
Things to consider: finances, location, employee training  and culture transition.

Marketing & Advertising A Small Business for Sale Successfully
Learn valuable insights on how to get it right when advertising a business for sale.


Selecting A Business Broker to Sell Your Business—12 Quick Tips
Things to keep in mind when selecting a broker for your business.

Selling A Small Business—12 Crucial Steps
Dramatically increase your chances of selling your business with these tips.

Small Business Purchase Financing—Obtaining Your Down Payment
How to obtain financing and ideas for maximizing your down payment.

What is the UFOC?—NEW
How the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) can help you.

Disaster Assistance

Disaster Insurance Keeps Your Business Running
Learn the importance of a business insurance policy to protect your investment.

Crisis Planning: You Can’t Do Too Much of It
Tips for developing an effective crisis management strategy for your business.

Small Businesses Can Face Economic Cycles With Confidence
Help your business endure the worst and position it for future success.


Am I Ready to Sell Online?
Take our quick self-test to discover if your business is ready to sell on the Web.


Choosing a Vendor to Process Your Online Transactions
How to get your Web site set up for electronic payment processing.

E-commerce: Is It Right for My Small Business?
Determine what your specific small business e-commerce strategy should be.

E-commerce: Small Businesses Become Virtual Giants on the Internet
Ideas for enriching your e-commerce presence.

E-commerce Tips for Small Businesses
Tips for attracting customers and selling online.

From My Kitchen Tabletop to Your Computer Laptop
Expert advice on launching your business on the Web.

In Cyberspace, Being Small Isn't a Terrible Handicap
If your goal is to maximize Internet sales, see how these entrepreneurs are doing it.

Netpreneurs: A New Breed of Entrepreneur
How to make your small business prosper in the new economy.

Nine Common E-commerce Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them
This e-commerce expert details nine costly mistakes.

Protect Your Small Business’s Data
Understanding the importance of data protection.

Publish an Email Newsletter for Your Small Business Customers
A guide for developing and delivering a consistent email-based publication.

Finance & Capital

Angel Financing: Dos and Don'ts for Small Business Owners
Find out how to prepare yourself to work effectively with angel investors.  

Barter Tax and Accounting Issues
Understand IRS rules and accounting tips regarding the use of barter transactions.

Basic Bookkeeping Tips
Use these six accounting tips to help keep your business on sound financial footing.

Billing Time and Expenses: The Dos and Don'ts
Maximize efficiency while avoiding tracking and accounting problems.

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting Methods
Find out the difference between using cash and accrual accounting methods.

Committing Your Nickel to Build Your Small Business
Differentiate between business and personal finances.

Creating Personal Wealth Through Small Business Ownership
Structure financing to satisfy both your business and personal needs.

Deal Structure Is Critical For Financing When Purchasing A Business
Six factors most lenders use when considering a business loan application.

Financing Small Business Growth: More Than a Matter of Money
A successful entrepreneur discusses financing concerns for business growth.

Five Grant Resources for Small Businesses
Learn the five top sources of business grants.

Five Tips for Handling Business Finances—NEW
Here are five key ways to effectively manage your business finances.


Funny Money: Claims of "Free" Government Funding for Small Businesses are No Laughing Matter
Learn about federal grant and loan opportunities, as well as other resources.

Get What’s Coming to You
To build your confidence in collecting your receivables, consider these tips.

Home Business Tax Breaks
One advantage of a home-based business is the extra tax breaks.

How to Avoid Check Fraud
Get tips on how to prevent check fraud.

How to Reduce the Cost of Bounced Checks
Learn to reduce the financial and opportunity costs of bounced checks.

Manage Other Financial Paperwork
Use these guidelines to manage your financial records.

The Nuts and Bolts of Credit Card Processing
Understand credit card processing and learn how to open a merchant account.

Small Business 101: Pay Yourself First

Learn how to strike a balance between personal income and business cash flow.

Top 10 Account Collection Mistakes
Avoid common account collection mistakes and help your business run smoother.

Top 10 Bookkeeping Mistakes by Small Businesses
Here are 10 of the most common bookkeeping errors to avoid.

Top 10 Payroll Mistakes
Stay abreast of common accounting errors and prevent unnecessary problems.

Top 10 Tax Tips for Small and Growing Businesses
These tax tips will ensure Uncle Sam is not getting more than his due.

Which Financial Records Should You Keep (And For How Long?)
Do some maintenance and get rid of the paperwork that's cluttering your life.

What Information Should My Invoices Include?
Learn how to create effective invoices.

Human Resources

Build a Cohesive Small Business Team
Build a competent business team and deal with potential obstacles.  

Common Hiring Mistakes Entrepreneurs Can Avoid
Steps to help you avoid common hiring mistakes.


Create an Entrepreneurial Culture Among Your Employees
Get your employees to approach their jobs with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Creating Great Companies: It's All About People

A guide to developing strong business relationships for a successful company.  

Effective Interviewing Techniques
Advice to help you cover all the key areas when interviewing an applicant.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Small Business
Tips on hiring a perfect match for your small business’s culture.

Help Your Small Business Find Awesome People
Attract employess who are accountable and responsible, involved and engaged.

Managing Up and Down the Generational Ladder
Four lessons learned about managing age differences.

Small Business Hiring: Think Salesmanship
Learn how to think "salesmanship" when hiring for your small business.

When and How to Hire Additional Employees—NEW
An expert walks you through the hiring process from start to finish.


Eight Easy Things to Do Before You Form Your Company
Here are 8 easy things business owners can do to make incorporating a breeze.


Choosing Between an S Corporation and a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Discover which business structure is best for your company.

Choosing the Right Name for My Corporation or Limited Liability Company
Learn how to choose a name for your company and how to protect it.

It's Easy to Manage Your Company With These Easy Tips
How to use a service company to manage important business documents.

Know the Rules For Hiring Contract Labor
Discover if hiring an independent contractor is right for your business.

Life After Incorporating—1-2-3
Keep your company in compliance and protect your personal assets.

Plan Now to Preserve Your Partnership
Tips for forming a business partnership and writing a partnership agreement.

Selecting a State for Your Corporation of Limited Liability Company: Delaware, Nevada or the State Where Your Business is Operated?
Decide where to incorporate your business and learn of state-specific advantages.

Spotlight on Limited Liability Companies
Learn the benefits of creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Starting a New Life as an Entrepreneurs
Critical items to consider when selecting or changing your business structure.

Top 10 Practical Tips for Strategic Patent Portfolio Management
Tips for the management of business patent portfolios.

Understanding Business Structures
Descriptions of the most popular business structures and help to get started.

Understanding the Stock Structure for Your Corporation
Understand the stock structure and get help forming your corporation.

What is a Registered Agent and Do I Need One?
Learn the importance of maintaining a Registered Agent for your corporation or LLC.

When to Incorporate...Timing Matters
Facts to help you decide when to form your corporation or LLC.

Marketing & Public Relations

Add a Digital Flair to Traditional Small Business Marketing
Ideas for digitizing, storing and sharing the images that brand your business.


Advertising Ideas on a Small Budget
Tactics for making your advertising persuasive, professional and cost-effective

Being a Small Business Entrepreneur Means Being a Market Researcher
Understand the importance of market research to overall company success.

Catch More Clients Using Strategic Networking
Learn how to be a better networker and bring in the new clients you want.

Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Putting powerful PR into practice to boost your small business's success.

Eight Reasons Why Direct Mail Is So Powerful
An expert explains the importance of direct mail as an influential marketing medium.

Getting More Out of Consumer Promotions—NEW
How promotions can provide a boost in product sales and services requested.

Guarantee Marketing: How to Turn Your Guarantee into a Competitive Weapon
Six steps to creating a guarantee that can become your unique marketing advantage.

How to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business
Twenty tips for attracting media attention to your business.

How to Stay Connected—NEW
Learn to reduce "what-ifs" by maximizing your business connections.

How to Use the Power of Packaging to Double Your Sales

Learn how the pros “bundle” their goods and services to maximize sales.

Marketing in a Weak Economy: A Dozen Ideas
A dozen expert ideas for how to keep your marketing edge in a depressed economy.

Marketing on a Budget
Expert advice to help you make the most of a slim marketing budget.

Plan Your Sales Pitch Down to the Word; Here's Why
Deliver effective sales pitches that are well prepared and exude confidence.

Promote Your URL on All Communications
Tips for promoting your business’s URL.

Public Relations for Your Small Business
How to effectively use PR and learn which mistakes to avoid.

Setting a Marketing Budget
Learn the importance of a marketing budget and find cost-effective solutions.

Sizing Up the Competition
Increase the success of your business by identifying your direct competition.

Target & Influence the Appropriate Media
PR Newswire gives four tips on getting media coverage for your business.

Target Practice: Identifying That Group of People That Are Your Real Buyers
How basic research will yield valuable information about your true buying audience.

The Two Faces of Niche Marketing
How to develop a successful niche marketing campaign for your business.

Top 10 Tips on How to Build Your Referral Network

Ten tips to garner the types of referrals that pay off.

Unleash the Power of the National Media
Pointers for grabbing national media attention regardless of how small your business.

Women Entrepreneurs Growing in Numbers & Importance
Testimonials and tips to help women business owners succeed.

Office Management

10 Ideas for Making the Most of Voice Mail
Tips for effectively utilizing voicemail to maximize business efficiency.

10 Ways to Set Priorities
Ten ideas to set the direction of your small business.

Eight Ways to Get More Out of Your Day
Time saving hints for making every minute count.

Five Common Time-Wasters and How to Avoid Them
Learn to avoid time-busters and increase the efficiency of your business.

How a Small Business Can Wreck a Relationship
How working on vacation affects the most important relationships.

How to Find a Good Accountant
Steps for finding the best accountant for your small business.

Keep Your Office in Your Office
Learn how to manage your home and keep your business organized.

Know the Value of an Hour
Improve time management by understanding the financial worth of a single hour.

Make the Most of Technology in Your Small Business
Use technology to increase productivity and protect your business data.

Managing Your Email: A Small Business Owner's Checklist
Great tips for managing emails in the small business setting.

Organizing Your Home Office: Finding the Right Furniture for Your Home Office
Questions to help you decide how to furnish your home-based business.

Seven Ways to Cut Costs in the Home Office
Money saving tips for establishing a home office.

SOHO Doesn't Have to Mean Solo
Networking essentials for small or home offices.

The SoHo Office of Today Makes Multi-Tasking a Must

Learn to become a successful multi-tasker.

Time, Not Money, Is Your Most Precious Resource
Learn why and how to maximize business opportunities in minimal time.

When Home Is Where the Office Is SOHO Entrepreneurs Need to Take Pains When Planning Their At-home Workspace
A few rules to follow when designing your home office space.

When You Work From Home
Expert tactics to make you more effective in your home office.

Wholesale Buying Guide—NEW
Learn how to purchase wholesale goods through a merchandise mart.

Work at Home Challenges: Establishing Rules and Boundaries to Ensure Success
Strategies for maintaining your sanity in a home office environment.

Work at Home Challenges: Implementing Personal Rules of Conduct to Maximize Effectiveness
Develop personal rules of conduct to make the most of your time.

Work at Home Challenges: Managing Your Schedule Wisely
Establish workday rituals to manage stress and spark motivation.

Sales & Customer Service

Customer Service: How to Set a Standard in Your Small Business

Establish a customer service standard and get creative ideas to motivate employees.

Develop Strong Follow-up Techniques
Avoid loosing sales by implementing effective follow-up methods.

Find Customer Service Opportunities During the Purchase Cycle
Four opportunities that are sure to enhance your repeat business.

Listen, Probe, Touch: When Small Business Owners Sell to Customers as Individuals
Steps to gather information about customers and cater to them as individuals.

Make Someone Happy—Your Customer
Expert advice on how your business can benefit from tracking customer preferences.

Managing Client Expectations

Get advice on establishing a winning working relationship with your clients.

Personalizing Customer Service to Get Repeat Business

How to keep your business in the forefront of your customers’ minds.


Reaping the Benefits of Gift Cards
Use gift cards to attract new customers and increase visits from existing clients.

Selling Relationships
Here are 10 keys to successful selling through relationships.

Understand Online Customer Service
Tips for making your online customer service a true selling advantage.


Going Back to College for Entrepreneurial Resources
Learn the benefits of university programs and how you can tap into their resources.

Leading Through Lifelong Learning
Discover the importance of adaptability in an ever-changing business environment.

Learn From Others
Strengthen your connections with those who contribute to the life of your business

Learn From Resources
Seize business opportunities by incorporating professional development into your company.

Learning Through Listening: The Value of Advisory Boards for Fast-Growth Small Businesses
Maximize organizational efficiency and facilitate growth with an advisory board. 

Mentoring Is for Entrepreneurs, Too
How mentoring helped Helzberg Diamonds become a multi-million dollar success.

Mentors and Success: A Lifetime of Learning
Learn how a small business mentor paved the road to entrepreneurial success.


Banner Ad Glossary
Understand the terminology that applies to Internet banner advertising.


Choose a Turnkey Solution Provider to Build Your Small Business Site
Limited resources? Consider a turnkey solution for building your company’s site.

Communicate With Your Web Customers to Keep Them Coming Back
Six ways your site can help you cultivate the customers you really want to keep.

Design a Customer-Friendly Site
A study reveals how to design a customer-friendly e-commerce site.

Design Your Web Pages for Fast Loading
How to create attractive yet functional, fast-loading Web pages.

Determine the Goals for Your Small Business Web Site
To ensure a successful Web site, clearly define your goals from the onset.

Develop and Post Your Online Media Kit
A guide for items to include in your advertising media kit.

Develop Procedures to Update & Proofread Your Content
A checklist for updating and refreshing content, checking your links and more.

Develop Your Small Business’s Technology Plan
A checklist for understanding the functionality of your small business Web site.

Experiment With Your Site: How to Generate Good Ideas and Weed out Bad Ones
Advice for expanding and improving your Web site.

Find Out What Content Is Working
Tips for keeping your Web content up-to-date.

Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site
Promoting your Web site to attract new business.

Harness the Potential of Internet Marketing
How Internet marketing can play an important role in making your business grow.

Hiring a Project Leader for Your Small Business Web Site
Benefits of hiring a “project lead” to develop your business Web site.

Identify the Primary Audience for Your Small Business Web Site
Determining your audience is critical to Web site development and management.

Know What Advertisers Look For
Four features you must provide on your Web site to attract advertisers.

Lost Revenue Found Here: Why Service Businesses Need a Web Site
An advisor discusses why service firms should create a strong online presence.

Monitor and Analyze Your Small Business’s Site Traffic
A solid tracking system can help you measure your Web site's performance.

Name Your Small Business’s Web Design & Management Team
Understanding and organizing your Web development team.

Participate in Online Communities
How to create e-zines that will increase your business’s online presence.

Post a Privacy Policy on Your Small Business Web Site
How a privacy policy and an explanation of security can establish client trust.

Post an FAQ List on Your Small Business Web Site
How to develop and position Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to maximize efficiency.

Rules for Writing High-Impact Online Copy
How to write online copy to maximize your Web site’s effectiveness.

SCORE's Guide to Top Bookmarking Sites
"Social bookmarking" sites and communities are the latest way to find and share information on topics that interest you. Find out about today's top sites and try a few out for yourself to build your network.

Selecting an Address for Your Web Site
Steps for choosing a Web site name, registering it, and protecting it for the future.

Seven Ways to Get Your Web Site Noticed
Seven expert tips to help your Web site garner the attention it deserves.

Six Tips for Building a Successful Homepage
Ensure your homepage conveys your message and reaches potential customers.

Six Ways to Get Your Site Ready to Sell
Six tips to help you get your site ready to successfully sell on the Internet.

Submit Your Small Business’s Site to Search Engines
Improve your site's visibility by carefully selecting searchable keywords.

Technology, the Internet and All That Stuff
Learn the importance of small business technology and how to best use it. 

Top 5 Domain Name Vendors
Get links to today's top Web site vendors.

Use the Most Valuable Real Estate on Your Web Site to Capture Your Visitors' Attention
A Web marketing guru tells you how to grab a visitor’s interest in 10 seconds.

Web Site Checklist Can Help You Plan for Success
A checklist to help you decide what you want your business site to accomplish.

What Kinds of Banner Ads Will Your Small Business Site Sell?
Learn about the key types of banner ads you may want to sell on your site.



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