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Private Placement Memorandum and Other Equity Based Finance Solutions

Equity Finance Solutions

MMBI has a number of alternatives available for projects that requiring high leverage financing. Our Equity Finance Solutions include: Preferred Equity, Venture Capital, & Private Placement Offerings.

Preferred Equity

This can be used for almost any type of income producing project. This type of financing allows experienced manager and applicants with strong business plans the opportunity for full financing of any worthy project. Clients may opt to structure debt/equity arrangements with one investor or spread various financing instruments over several investors.  The debt portion can be interest only or amortized, and can be structured to accrue until cash flow is available or sufficient to cover payments. Upon repayment, the Lender or Investor will receive a preferred rate of return on the equity portion of the financing for the life of the project or until "bought out". Programs can also be structured so that the equity participation declines each year until it is eventually phased out (referred to as "equity recapture" or "profit sweep"). Benefits of this type of financing are that the payment schedule is flexible, and can be structured to fit the project. Interest rates are very favorable, and many projects will qualify.

Venture Capital

This type of funding can be used for start-up companies or expansion of a current operation, and can be used to provide all or a portion of the financing needed. Venture Capitalists (VC's) take on many forms, from individuals or small groups, to large public companies. MMBI has access to Venture Capitalists and firms with a wide diversity of industry interests and investment criteria.

Private Placements

PPO's, allow companies (new or existing) to pursue financing under the SEC's Regulation D 504/506. Under the Reg D provisions, you may raise the funds for your project through a private debt or equity offering. There is no LTV limit with this type of financing, and many times all costs involved are included in the amount of the offering.

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Follow this link For more information on the SEC's Reg D.


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